Feb 11 2021 @ 17:22

organize the world’s information, make it universally accessible and useful, and then DELETE IT

Today I get yet another announcement from Google, about shutting down yet another one of their cloud services. I was a Google Play Music user from Beta. I spent countless amount of time crafting and curating my music collection. That is exactly why this feels like a spit in my face. No regard to the time I invested in your product whatsoever. The same exact feeling as when the Google Reader was shut down, and many other cloud services by many different companies.

There is a term in product design: "User Fatigue". It happens when the users get tired of constant "product improvements". "Where did this button go?" asks my frustrated father, after yet another product redesign. I get it, engineers, designers and product managers get bigger bonuses for significant changes, and small improvements get unnoticed by the upper management.

Apple is slightly better in that regard. They manage to get their improvements out in a way, that gets noticed only by other designers. It gives me immense comfort in seeing the Mac interface virtually unchanged over the last ~30 years. Photoshop is another software that doesn't betray my trust by moving things around.

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