Jan 09 2022 @ 14:02

A vivid example of biased journalism, and where? In Wall Street Journal!

It is hard to say whether this reporter is writing this on purpose or simply inventing a story that is plausible for him out out of ignorance.

“Other user is typing 💬” feature is technically not possible via SMS without wasting users’s money (messaging allowance). So is the reactions. And messages to non-iMessage users also cost the end-user extra, so it is important to display them differently.

This reporter takes things accepted as truths (i.e. “iMessage is a serious lock-in) and tugs his invented ideas to them to give them legitimacy. Standard trick of all demagogues of all times.

If I was the PM of iMessage, I would've implemented those features in exactly the same way without having any evil or self-serving thoughts. I would simply do it for the benefit of the end users.

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