May 12 2022 @ 21:09

Messaging is a mess

I use all five apps listed on this picture. In addition to those, on any given day I can receive a message from any person that I know in Gmail, Google Voice, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a few other services.

Many years ago I've written an article on how I don't care about the means of transporting a message, all I care about is the person to whom it is addressed, and that is all that I want to concern myself with: who do I want to send a message to. When I receive a message I only care about who is it from. I've since given up hope to get that experience. The big tech don't care about us mere mortals, all they care about, is promoting their own platform, their own services, so they will not allow some nice developer to make an app for me that will allow for this person-centric user experience. When I was at Google, I argued that it is the operating system, that should provide this view to the user.

Today, I wanted to do one simple thing: I wanted to have an alert sound from Star Trek to be the sound that my phone plays when I receive a message. I was able to upload this sound to my iPhone, but I could only set it as an alert sound in two messengers: Telegram and Messages. All other apps either only allow the selection from their own library of sounds (gmail, messenger) or only from the default library of os sounds (whatsapp).

Most of the time I keep the ringer off on my phone, but for those rare occasions when I am actually waiting for a call, I turn it on, and it a cacophony of sounds. What is this? Why? Can someone please fix it sometime between now and the Singularity?

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